Our Vision

To transform lives.

Our Mission

To provide comprehensive financial services to the unbanked and the economically active.

Core Value

Passion, Empathy, Openess.


Ikire Microfinance Bank Limited evolved from Ikire Community Bank which was established in 1993.The Bank after the successful conversion from Ikire Community Bank currently operates as a Unit Microfinance Bank with the prospect of organically growing to become a state Microfinance Bank.

Ikire Township being the headquarters of Irewole Local Government area has several town and villages. The bank with her effective management team headed by the managing director had tapped into the enormous resources of the community. The vast number of micro entrepreneurs, commercial and industrial sector markets, public servants and artisans formed the client's data base of the bank.

The bank is building on the  experienced management team, tremendous Goodwill among the People, Adequate Capital Base, dedicated, qualified and honest staff, Buoyant liquidity position which serves as edge over competitors.

The bank remains one of Ikire's most diversified financial services solution providers, through an excellent service delivery at all the service points, daily contributions and emphasis on person – to - person contact; to create a customer- service experience that is strong in choice, convenience, and customization.

In five years of microfinance operation in Ikire, the bank has continued to build confidence and relationship with its customers and active participation in the micro sector of the Economy, that have been strategic to the well-being and growth of  Osun-State and Nigeria.

Consequently, it has remained the most customer friendly franchise in Ikire. Underpinning this success is the bank's strategy, with its focus on imperative of modernization, growth and empowerment of active poor. 

The five year financial projections show that the bank had moved forward in the area of deposit mobilization and loan disbursement. We are hopeful that we shall be able to achieve our goal of rendering microfinance banking services in a very simple and friendly manner to the active poor, through capacity building and empowerment for business growth, wealth creation and establishment of self-sustaining micro and small scale enterprises.


To inculcate banking culture among the rural masses and the middle income workers in our catchments area and foster a spirit of communal ownership and patriotism with a view to becoming one of the leading microfinance banks in Nigeria.